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Time to quit smoking?

If you are thinking of quitting smoking or, have quit smoking and are using nicotine replacement therapy through vaping, Chronic Doctors will assist you on your journey.



At Chronic Doctors Pty Ltd., we take a multidisciplinary approach to quitting smoking that goes beyond just providing a nicotine prescription. We pride ourselves on follow-up and support to give you the best chance of success.


You’ve already smoked your last cigarette, so why not book in an appointment today!

How Our Service Works

1. We assess your eligibility and book appointments through patient portal.

2. You have your initial consultation with the doctor via Telehealth.

3. If eligible, you will receive a prescription to order your medication.

How Much Does It Cost?

Full Quit Smoking Consultation Process & Cost


Assess eligibility

Log-in to Patient Portal

Book appointment

Discuss your current smoking

Discuss previous attempts to quit

Link in with telephone call back counselling services

Nicotine prescription provided if eligible


Total Cost: $50.00 AUD