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Why choose Chronic Doctors?

Because we care.


We support those who have tried standard medications and are still experiencing pain, side effects or worsening symptoms.


Our experienced team doctors are back by years of training and experience and can tailor a program to suit you.

Cost of consultations are refunded in full if you are assessed to be not eligible.

Our Services

Call reception to assess eligibility.
Our receptionists will book you an appointment and give you access to the patient portal

Initial consultation with your doctor via Telehealth to assess your needs and tailor a treatment plan

Fast and convenient delivery of medication to your home within 2-5 days of pharmacy receiving script

Follow up consultation to assess response and tailor treatment plan in 2-6 weeks

Follow up every 3 months for ongoing review and prescriptions

If requiring change in treatment plan or sooner review, please kindly book an appointment