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Understanding that therapies can be expensive, all Chronic Doctors. consultations are performed via Telehealth to reduce overhead costs to put more savings in your pockets.  Our patient portal allows you to manage appointments, upload referrals and documents, and access health records.

At Chronic Doctors we believe in patients, not profits or portfolios. 

In an industry dominated by the monopolies of large pharmaceutical companies Chronic Doctors provides guaranteed independent consultations.

Chronic Doctors Pty Ltd is NOT owned by a pharmaceutical company and we have no conflict of interest to disclose. We do not “push” products to receive a financial reward. We perform consultations with our patient’s best interests at heart. We are here to represent YOU!

We are 100% Local Australian company owned by young Doctors with a passion for providing alternative management of Chronic Conditions through alternative non traditional therapies.

We will guide you on appropriate therapies for your condition as well as the meaningful impacts you can make to alleviate your condition through non-pharmacological and conventional therapies.

We take a holistic approach to You and your healthcare needs.

More than just doctors, we’re “The little guys, for the little guys”.

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