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Consultation and costs

You will consult one of our  experienced doctors who will be with you on your journey, providing you with a personalised treatment plan tailored to  your medical condition.


During your treatment our doctors will initially follow up closely with you in subsequent appointments at a lower cost, as follow-up will be a simple process of reviewing your dose and symptom control. Our doctors can then determine the number of repeat prescriptions needed and assess the need for any alternative therapies.


Our initial consultations are $150. Follow-up consultations for repeat prescriptions are $75. After submitting for TGA approval which generally takes 2-3 days, your prescription will be sent to our designated pharmacy who provide same-day shipping across Australia.

Cost of consultations are refunded in full if you are assessed to be not eligible.

Initial Consultation

  • Telehealth Consultation
  • No referral required
  • Health assessment by doctor
  • Medical Cannabis Education
  • Prescription sent to pharmacy
  • Receive medication from pharmacy in 2-5 business days

Follow-up Consultation

  • Follow up at 2-6 weeks
  • Telehealth Consultation
  • Discuss your symptom control, side effects, patient experience,
  • Ongoing prescriptions sent to pharmacy same day
  • Receive medication from pharmacy 2-5 business days
  • Follow up every 3 months for ongoing review and treatment plan

Quit smoking Consultation

Log-in to Patient Portal

Book appointment
Discuss eligibility for nicotine vaping prescription
Patient to organise product delivery from authorised distributor

Follow-up Consultation

Discuss your symptom control and side effects

Ongoing prescriptions provided 3 monthly

Cost of consultations are refunded in full if you are assessed to be not eligible.