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Medical Cannabis in Australia

Medical cannabis research published online in 2016 in the Medical Journal Australia explores the changes in legislation surrounding medicinal cannabis in Australia.

“For users of medicinal cannabis, this legislation is a significant move. It provides access to cannabis for people who gain alleviation of their symptoms and who have, until now, been cultivating cannabis or importing it illegally ” * 

Medical cannabis therapies are derived from the marijuana plant cannabis indica and cannabis sativa and prescribed online by doctors in australia and are considered by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Australia) as ‘prescription medicines’ in all cities Sydney, Brisbane, Melboure, Darwin, Tasmania, Perth, Canberra and states ACT, QLD, NT, TAS, WA, NSW and VIC. Australian medical cannabis therapies still need further rigorous research to prove health and safety properties. Summary in these studies found:

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“There are already several safe and effective registered therapeutic goods available for most conditions for which patients are requesting access to medicinal cannabis. If trial data for cannabis reveal evidence that supports its use, and if this use can be regulated in a way that enables suitable provision to those who may benefit, then it appropriately becomes another agent in the armamentarium of pharmacotherapy ”*

When considering medicinal cannabis therapies for your chronic condition each patient must consider the possibility of side effects and if the benefit of symptom control outweighs the side effects.

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As with all posts for more information see the link to article and TGA guidelines below:

Medicinal cannabis | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

         Martin, Jennifer H., and Yvonne A. Bonomo. “Medicinal cannabis in Australia: the missing links.” Medical Journal of Australia 204.10 (2016): 371-373.

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